Eight Characteristics of Life in Biology

Characteristics of Life

Every fall for the beyond dozen years, I even have all started my biology elegance in a great deal the identical way—with a question. How do you already know if some thing is alive? Now this could look like a trustworthy question, however primarily based totally on scholar responses, it is not almost that clean to answer. Students regularly inform me that some thing is alive if it moves, or breathes, or thinks. Well, those responses are in large part all wrong.

However, no matter the frustration proven on aspiring biology college students’ faces after they comprehend they cannot but distinguish among residing and nonliving, there’s hope. Fortunately biologists have advanced a listing of eight traits shared via way of means of all residing organisms. Characteristics are trends or qualities. Additionally, here is the listing of traits shared via way of means of residing matters.

  1. Cellular organization
  2. Reproduction
  3. Metabolism
  4. Homeostasis
  5. Heredity
  6. Response to stimuli
  7. Growth and development
  8. Adaptation via evolution

Now, let’s take a second and complicated on every of those traits.

Characteristics of Life Defined

The first function of existence we indexed was cell organization. This in reality approach that residing matters are fabricated from cells. Hence, cells are the maximum primary unit of existence. It would not count number if the ones cells are plants, animals, fungi, or micro organism. If some thing goes to be alive, it should be fabricated from cells.

Second is reproduction. Moreover, if some thing is alive it should be able to reproducing. Multicellular existence paperwork along with people reproduce sexually. Moreover, unicellular existence paperwork like micro organism reproduce asexually. Hence, the essential issue to do not forget is that, in both case, residing matters reproduce.

Next, we come to our 1/3 function, metabolism. This idea is a bit tough for a few college students to grasp. Metabolism is basically a group of chemical reactions going on in the frame (or mobile). These reactions range in shape and characteristic however sell methods along with protein synthesis, chemical digestion, mobile division, or power transformation. Because metabolism consists of reactions that hyperlink to different traits, it’s far on occasion grouped with the ones different traits. However, for our purposes, we’re going to preserve metabolism separate.

Hence, our fourth function is homeostasis. Homeostasis is the time period used to explain retaining a solid inner surroundings. In different words, reflect on consideration on how our our bodies hold a regular frame temperature or how blood sugar ranges are consistent. Moreover, if homeostasis is disrupted, and we spike a fever, it is a demonstration that some thing is threatening existence. The identical holds genuine with blood sugar. When it receives too excessive or too low, homeostasis is disrupted, and unfortunately, this could be deadly. Therefore, retaining homeostasis is a critical function of existence.


All residing matters are able to reproduction. Additionally, reproduction is the method via way of means of which residing matters deliver upward push to offspring. Reproducing can be as easy as a unmarried mobile dividing to shape daughter cells. Generally, however, it’s far a great deal greater complex. Nonetheless, whether or not a residing issue is a massive whale or a microscopic bacterium, it’s far able to reproduction.

Keeping Things Constant

All residing matters are capable of hold a greater-or-much less regular inner surroundings. Therefore, they preserve matters fantastically solid at the inner no matter the situations round them. The method of retaining a solid inner surroundings is called homeostasis. Human beings, for example, hold a solid inner frame temperature. If you cross outdoor whilst the air temperature is under freezing, your frame doesn’t freeze. However, via way of means of shivering and different approach, it keeps a solid inner temperature.

Complex Chemistry

All residing matters—even the handiest existence paperwork—have a complicated chemistry. Living matters encompass large, complicated molecules, and in addition they go through many complex chemical modifications to live alive. Thousands (or greater) of those chemical reactions arise in every mobile at any given second. Moreover, metabolism is the gathered general of all of the biochemical reactions going on in a mobile or organism. Hence, complex chemistry is wanted to perform all of the features of existence.

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