What Careers Can You Get as a Business Major?

There’s no doubt the business industry opens room for many careers. But as a business major, you might wonder, what are your options?

Your career path can fall under different fields, from marketing to management. And it doesn’t end there! You can even set up your own company if you put your mind to it.

Majoring in business is only the beginning of a fruitful journey. Let’s delve deeper into that. Here is a list of careers you can get as a business major.


A popular career path among business students is accountancy, not because it’s easy. As an accountant, you’re in charge of organizing and recording finances for a company. It requires you to put your skills to the test.

Accountants are also responsible for representing and communicating with the company. Usually, it occurs for business-related transactions.

Financial Advisor

Like an accountant, a financial advisor or planner handles and organizes finances. But this time, for a smaller scope.

They often cater to a single client at a time rather than businesses and corporations. Their services include budgeting, tax and debt management, and more.

One of the main goals of a financial advisor is to help clients develop long-term money strategies.

Human Resources Specialist

A human resource specialist focuses on handling people, usually employee functions. They are the people who screen and interview prospects and bridge them to employers.

The nature of the job requires them to have a good grasp of company policies and guidelines. That way, they can ensure effective operation and safety across the workplace.

Product Manager

As a product manager, you must work closely with the project team. That’s because product managers review goods to determine if they need improvements.

They communicate with the team to address concerns, like adjustments and more. The job often requires a high level of expertise and knowledge.

Research Analyst

Data analysis is crucial even in business, which is what a research analyst works on. They analyze financial data and prepare reports based on those inputs.

It includes market trends, marketing sales, and possible strategies to improve profitability.

Healthcare Business Analyst

A business career doesn’t mean you have to work only within that field. Other opportunities include jobs in the health sector, including a healthcare business analyst.

There’s no doubt that healthcare is a large industry. If you take on this job, you must use your financial management knowledge.

At the same time, you must have a deep understanding of the healthcare workflow. That way, you can find underlying issues and pinpoint areas to improve.

Office Administrator

Even the typical office needs a business major among their employees. Usually, they become office administrators.

The job involves overseeing all the operations in the organization. It includes coordinating and scheduling meetings and appointments, leading administrative projects, and more.

You must be proficient in business communication and human resource practices. You can even apply for office administration training programs to hone your skills!

Marketing Manager

Marketing management is one of the top-paying jobs in business, with a base salary that starts at more than $100,000.

Generally, their job is to bridge a company to its customers. It involves working with public relations and marketing teams together.

Some of their tasks include managing campaigns, testing strategies, and building relationships. It’s also a flexible career path since several companies seek one.

Information Systems Manager

Business majors can also work in the tech field as information systems managers! It refers to the people who develop tech-related goals and strategies for a company. Besides that, they are responsible for overseeing the IT department of organizations.

The computer industry is complex, so there’s often high demand for these jobs. These usually require business majors to have deep knowledge of the field.

Logistics Manager

A logistics manager’s primary role is overseeing goods movement within a supply chain. But with logistics, ensuring everything stays on track is especially crucial!

Logistics managers handle every step, from transportation to warehousing and stocks. That’s because they are the key to running the operation.

Social Media Manager

These days, social media is the craze for marketing and brand identity. That puts social media managers in the spotlight as those behind online content and campaigns.

The social media manager aims to maintain brand awareness while keeping engagements active. It also does this through several platforms.


An actuary is ideal for business majors specializing in data review and statistics. The job involves analyzing and assessing financial risks, such as probabilities.

Among other business careers, this is one of those that needs a certification to start.

Corporate Attorney

Some attorneys practice business law to become corporate attorneys. But if you’re a business major, you can study law to do the same!

Corporate attorneys handle everything under business-related laws, like finance, contracts, successions, etc. While the requirements to get into law schools are high, it’s worth a shot if you have the qualifications.

Business Professor

You can also get a job in education if you have a knack for teaching about the business world. Note that you need a broad knowledge of business to qualify. It also requires strong verbal and communication skills.


Entrepreneurship is one of the top reasons people pursue business programs. It’s even one of the careers that can start anytime and anywhere!

You can use your knowledge to develop unique techniques and build strong partnerships. Who knows? It might even work out quicker than you thought.

Find a Career as a Business Major

The business industry is a big world, so many opportunities are available. If you’re looking for a career as a business major, it’s good to know you have many doors waiting for you!

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