Gravitational Force Calculator- Formula, Definition, Examples and, the complete guide

Everybody knows the story of an apple falling off and hitting Sir Isaac Newton’s head. This phenomenon is what led to the discovery of gravity. Somehow, that esteemed apple tree…

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Discriminant Know the meaning, definition, formula

So, what does a discriminant mean? One that discriminates. So, all our life, we have heard the term. We might have heard in our social science classes. So, the literal…

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line of best fit

What is the line of best fit?| equations, formulas and calculator

So, plotting a graph is not an easy thing to do. You have to keep a lot of things in mind. So, at first, you have to draw the axes…

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instantaneous velocity

Instantaneous Velocity Calculator

First things first, let us have a clear idea of motion itself. Instantaneous velocity might look like a complex thing to deal with. However, once you have a clear idea…

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FOIL Calculator

FOIL Method | FOIL Calculator | Definition, Steps & Examples

Foil Calculator is a free online tool that shows how an equation can be simplified. However, our online foil calculator speeds up the process by displaying the simplification result in…

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Factoring Trinomials Calculator

Factoring Trinomials | Calculator with various steps, examples & solutions

The Factoring Trinomials Calculator is a free online calculator that shows the factors of a particular trinomial. However, a trinomial is a polynomial with only three terms in mathematics. Variables,…

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grams to atoms calculator

Know about grams to atoms calculator

So, as we all know Kilogram or kg is the SI unit for measuring mass. Kg is a more or less perfect standard to measure things that we need in…

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The Great White Fleet: All You Need to Know About Roosevelt’s Cruise, Definition, Purpose, Impact and Significance

The Great White Fleet was the popular moniker for the powerful United States Navy battleships. It conducted a round of the world. And was directed by US President Theodore Roosevelt…

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Different Types of Government

Different Types of Government: Definition, Duties Types and Everything You Need to Know

In all social media posts, or everyday news, we find the government is up to something. Recent events such as covid and the conditions in Afghanistan heavily influenced the public….

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Numbers in French

Numbers in French: How it works and Pronunciation

The French number system is remarkably complicated, despite the fact that it is far from ubiquitous. While French Pronunciation is usually difficult for English speakers, many numbers also include some…

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